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iBEAT V2.0: Infant Brain Extraction and Analysis Toolbox

Due to large amount of submissions, our server is overburden. The number of cases each user's lab can submit could be limited in order to share our limited computational resources between all users. To process large amount of data, please contact li_wang@med.unc.edu and gang_li@med.unc.edu. We are looking for collaboration.

You must upload an anonymized and compressed zip file.

We recommend to submit both T1w and T2w, for a better tissue segmentation.

  1. In the zip file, subjects with both T1w and T2w should be named as (case-sensitive), subject-*-T1w.nii and subject-*-T2w.nii , where * has to be a number, e.g.,



2. For cases with one single modality (e.g., T1w), they should be named as:


3. To save our computational cost, please make sure there are no duplicate subjects in your current submission and also previous submissions. 

If you have not received any results within 1 week, please kindly let us know. Sorry that there might be some delay due to submission peaks recently.

iBEAT V2.0 is a toolbox for processing pediatric brain MR images, using multimodality (including T1w and T2w) or single-modality. The software is developed by the Developing Brain Computing Lab, and the Brain Research through Analysis and Informatics of Neuroimaging (BRAIN) Lab in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Dr. Li Wang: li_wang@med.unc.edu
Dr. Gang Li: 
130 Mason Farm Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
United States

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